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Elevate Your Florence, KY Living Spaces with Custom Carpentry, Floating Shelves, Wine Racks, Fire Place Mantels, and More. Discover Craftsmanship and Aesthetic Brilliance Tailored to Your Unique Style.

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Custom Carpentry
Custom Carpentry

Transform your Florence, KY space with the mastery of The Upper Shelves Company’s Custom Carpentry services. Our skilled craftsmen bring your visions to life with bespoke woodwork, merging form and function harmoniously. Whether crafting unique furniture pieces or revamping interiors, our commitment to excellence and keen attention to detail shine through. Experience the marriage of creativity and craftsmanship in Florence, KY, where your carpentry dreams become reality.

Charcuterie Boards
Charcuterie Boards

Indulge in culinary artistry with The Upper Shelves Company’s Charcuterie Boards in Florence, KY. Our skilled craftsmen craft boards that transcend dining into an immersive experience. Explore a symphony of flavors, textures, and visual delights thoughtfully composed on our boards. Elevate your gatherings, turning them into gastronomic adventures that redefine your dining table. In Florence, KY, let us be your gateway to reimagining the art of charcuterie presentation.

Wine Racks
Wine Racks

Elevate your wine collection with The Upper Shelves Company’s Wine Racks in Florence, KY. Our expert artisans design racks that blend form and function, providing both storage and an elegant display. Transform your wine connoisseurship into a visual masterpiece while keeping your collection organized. Explore our range of wine rack solutions and take your wine experience to new heights. In Florence, KY, let us be your partner in curating your wine storage and presentation.

Fire Place Mantel
Fire Place Mantel

Enhance the heart of your home with The Upper Shelves Company’s Fire Place Mantels in Florence, KY. Our skilled artisans craft mantels that redefine your fireplace’s ambiance, combining form and function seamlessly. Elevate your living space with our exquisite mantels that become a focal point, radiating warmth and charm. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, our mantels add a touch of elegance to your hearth. Discover the perfect mantel solution for your space in Florence, KY, and elevate your cozy moments by the fire.

Built In Shelving
Built In Shelving

Transform your living spaces with The Upper Shelves Company’s Built-In Shelving service in Florence, KY. Our expert craftsmen specialize in creating shelving solutions that seamlessly integrate into your home, combining functionality and aesthetics. Whether you need a stylish storage solution or a display area for your cherished items, our built-in shelving enhances your space’s organization and appeal. Elevate your Florence, KY home with our custom-crafted shelving Explore the possibilities of personalized built-in shelving and unlock your home’s potential.

Floating Shelves
Floating Shelves

Enhance the aesthetics and organization of your living spaces with Floating Shelves from The Upper Shelves Company in Florence, KY. Our skilled artisans specialize in crafting versatile shelving solutions that add both style and utility to your home. Whether you want to display cherished collectibles or create additional storage, our floating shelves offer a modern and sleek design that elevates your space. With our custom floating shelves, you can achieve a clutter-free and sophisticated look in your Florence, KY home. Discover the beauty and functionality of our floating shelves.

Florence, KY Custom Carpentry: Designing Your Unique Vision

Unlock the world of custom carpentry in Florence, KY, with The Upper Shelves – your gateway to turning dreams into finely crafted realities. For over a decade, our artisans have been dedicated to creating bespoke woodwork that adds charm and functionality to your living spaces. At The Upper Shelves, we don’t just build; we craft stories, one piece at a time

Our values of integrity, transparency, and empathy guide every project. We believe in listening to your unique vision and transforming it into exquisite custom carpentry. Florence, KY, residents can rely on us as their trusted partner, whether it’s creating custom shelves, elegant mantels, or stunning charcuterie boards. Join us on a journey of creativity and artistry, and let your living spaces reflect your individuality. Your vision is our inspiration, and together, we’ll redefine the beauty of your home.

Custom carpentry

Culinary Artistry at Its Finest: Florence, KY Charcuterie Board

Experience the pinnacle of culinary artistry in Florence, KY, with The Upper Shelves’ Charcuterie Boards service. Delight in the fusion of flavors, textures, and visual allure as our artisans craft charcuterie boards that are nothing short of masterpieces.

Just as ensuring clean and fresh air elevates your living space, our dedicated team meticulously assembles charcuterie boards using only the finest ingredients. Each board is a harmonious blend of flavors and aesthetics, making it the centerpiece of your culinary journey.

Whether it’s a private gathering or a grand affair in Florence, KY, our charcuterie boards are the epitome of gastronomic excellence. Let us transform your dining experience into a work of culinary artistry.

Wine Enthusiasts Rejoice in Florence, KY with Wine Racks

Wine enthusiasts in Florence, KY, rejoice as The Upper Shelves brings you a world of wine rack excellence. Our specialized wine rack solutions are designed to cater to your passion for wine, combining aesthetics with functionality to elevate your wine collection to new heights.

With a rich history of over a decade serving wine lovers in Florence, KY, The Upper Shelves is a family-owned business that values trust, transparency, and empathy. We treat our clients like cherished guests. When you seek wine rack experts nearby, look no further. Let The Upper Shelves be your trusted partner in discovering the perfect wine rack solution, enhancing your wine journey.

Wine racks
Fire Place Mantels

Florence, KY Fireplace Mantels: Redefining Fireplace Design

Elevating the essence of fireplace design in Florence, KY is an artful task, one that demands both aesthetic finesse and functional precision. That’s where The Upper Shelves in Florence steps in. Entrust your fireplace mantels to our skilled artisans and experience a transformation in your living space.

Our dedicated craftsmen possess not only exceptional skills but also a profound understanding of how fireplace mantels can redefine the ambiance of your home. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we redefine the concept of fireplace elegance. Don’t let the upkeep of your mantels overwhelm you—let The Upper Shelves take care of it, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and style our mantels bring to your living space.”

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